Art Crime and Sasquatch!

Last week, monologist Mike Daisey was doing his one man show when a group of high school students got up and left, due to the language of the show.  One of the administrators, instead of quietly leaving, stepped over the line and poured water all over Daisey’s original hand written notes.

Here’s the video. (beware coarse language)

Daisey claims they were warned about the language, the high school claims they were not.

Regardless, I find the actions of the man in the video bone-chilling and the look upon Daisy’s face as some hateful member of the audience destroys his work, is truly heartbreaking.

In other news….

Josh Howard presents: SASQUATCH, an anthology about everyone’s favorite myth monster, hits the stands today with a 7 page story by my wife and I.

This sucker is 256 pages with 27 stories by some of the best new talent in the comic biz.  If you can’t find it in stores, you can purchase it here.

Also check out this really nice review by Comic Addiction that highlights our story along with David Hartman, Christopher Graybill and Josh Howard.

Myspace hoes

I get several fake Myspace profiles trying to add me every month, claiming to be some hot, sexy chick who just moved to the area, looking to hang out with a complete stranger she just found on the Internet and needing someone to look at her online sexy gallery or fill out some sort of survey.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, as the Myspace account my wife set up for our cat also gets the same ladies telling him how unbelievably hot he is.

….and he’s a cat.

If their picture is too slutty, I usually just delete them for fear their site has some sort of computer killing virus on it, but if the picture looks like it could actually be a real person, I usually check it out to see if they are selling something.

Recently I’ve been having more fun reading the comments made by the poor saps that don’t know any better and believe this really is a air-breathing woman who wants to do the virtual horizontal tango with them.

Sometimes they are from guys that think they are so awesomely amazing that hot chicks should search them out on the Internet on a regular basis, sometimes they are from guys who are just excited a girl is talking to them.

Hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s true entertainment.

Just thought I’d share.